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If you were anything like me when I started getting my feet wet in the spiritual world, then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before. Everyone talks about raising your vibration or frequency without getting into the nitty gritty of what that actually entails. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about “love and light”. In fact raising our vibration has less to do with positivity and more to do with self care and growth.

First lets start off with what I mean by frequency or vibration. Everything on earth vibrates at a certain frequency and that includes humans. This energetic state is influenced by food, emotions, trauma, and the environment. All humans vibrate at different frequencies and we all often fluctuate between different frequencies depending on our moods, needs, and health.

This makes everyone’s energetic levels subjective. Someone’s low frequency is not going to look the same as someone else, just like someone’s high frequency isn’t going to look like someone else's. This largely has to do with the fact that we all have different base lines. For instance, I struggle with my mental health daily. My high vibration is going to look and feel completely different than someone who is neurotypical or just someone with different mental health struggles.

With that being said, the whole point of raising your vibration can mean different things to different people. For some, it means working on raising their baseline, for others it means pushing their high vibration higher, and for some it’s both. All of these are valid, and oftentimes these journeys all look different. However, they all kind of start in the same ballpark. Whether you’re raising your average frequency or working towards a higher vibration to manifest, it all comes down to how you treat yourself and how you take care of yourself.

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  1. Listen to your mental, emotional, and physical needs. This might sound incredibly basic BUT hear me out, it’s often here where people chose to ignore. If you’re feeling drained, give yourself space to rest and recuperate; if you’re sad, process and actual feel your emotions; if you’re angry at someone, communicate it respectfully. If you’re craving some french fries, get some; if you haven’t stretched in a little bit, get up; if your haven’t been sleeping, take steps to fix your sleep schedule. You get the gist. Often our bodies are signaling that something needs to change whether on a small or bigger level. It’s important to listen to these cues, process them, and act accordingly. You can raise your vibration just by doing these things.
  2. Disconnect from the world. It is super beneficial to have time away from the screens and the people in our lives. Having time to ourselves and time to actually sit with ourselves is key. It’s in these moments that we can confront what’s going on in our lives, find calm, and reflect. These are moments where you can kind of distance yourself from the everyday anxiety of social media, a job you dislike, or any other stressors. This can be a really healing time.
  3. Connect with crystals. I know that not everyone likes crystals and I also know that many crystals aren’t sourced ethically. So if you do want to use crystals, make sure you buy from an ethical source (there are a ton of shops on etsy). However, by connecting with crystals like rose quartz, aventurine, selenite (satin spar), amethyst, you can raise your vibration. Whether you meditate with them, infuse your water with water safe crystals, or carry them around, they can help add to your energetic state.
  4. Meditate. I know that a lot of people think meditation just doesn’t work for them. I was one of those people. HOWEVER, what not a lot of people tell you is that this can take many, many different forms. Meditating is just doing something where your mind can forget about anything but what you’re doing. My mom knits and it’s super meditative and healing for her. Some people go on walk, paint, dance, literally the possibilities are endless. To raise your baseline, I suggest doing this at least once a day.
  5. Focus on the daily joys, no matter how small. One thing that helps me return to a higher frequency is doing daily things that bring me joy. The joy doesn’t have to be huge either. It can be small or as big as you can do. To raise baseline vibration, return to acts of joy every day and build on them until you have a routine. For instance, I have a morning and evening routine that help me return to myself and my inner joy. In the mornings, I stretch, do some deep breathing, make a cup of coffee and then read my cards. To just get to higher vibration, do this as often as you want.
  6. Speaking of joy, write gratitude lists. They don’t actually have to be lists, if you’re an artist, you can draw the things your grateful for or that brought you joy. If you’re a writer you can write out a scene of the day you’re grateful for. And if you’re not really the type to write out lists, you can save them as an audio recording or make a gratitude pinterest board that you add to. I try to write one thing daily in bullet journal before bed.
  7. Aromatherapy. Whether you’re using incense or essential oils, this can help ground you and in turn help raise your vibration. Scents hold a lot of power and have the ability to support you as you raise your vibration.
  8. Eat healthy meals and things that bring you joy. There isn’t anything I hate more than people who preach eating healthy and condemn junk or fast food. Healthy foods do tend to vibrate on a higher frequency and thus help you reach a high vibration, but that’s not to say never eat a bag of hot cheetos again. It’s just saying to find a healthy balance between the two and to cultivate a healthy relationship with eating.
  9. Go out in nature/out in the world. If possible, connecting to nature is a great way to ground yourself and raise your frequency. Whenever I can, I like to go to a park near my house to read. This helps me connect to nature in a small way, but it’s still super rewarding. However, this act of grounding can easily be done by a simple walk or a trip to somewhere that grounds you. I love going grocery shopping for instance. Or you can grow plants and spend time with them.
  10. Exercise. I’m not one to do a whole work out routine. However, moving your body helps raise your vibration. I personally like to do yoga because it both works to strengthen my muscles and as mindfulness. I also like to just dance. I might look dumb but it gets my heart pumping and my muscles moving.
  11. Work on healing yourself. This one is more for those who want to raise their baseline. I go to therapy, do shadow work, and journal a lot. These help me confront the blocks in myself, my life, and my energetic state. While this process is difficult and painful, in the long run will help you achieve a higher state of vibration and less lower states of vibration.
  12. Journal. For those not quite ready to delve into deep healing, journaling is a great way to connect to yourself and where you’re at in life. You can even script(writing about something you want as if you already have it) to help raise your vibration. This also helps you release traumas day by day and maybe even reframe your day.
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Raising your vibration is all about returning to yourself and to a state of peace, whatever that looks like to you. The higher your personal baseline is, the easier it is to return to that place of calm. It’s definitely not about just positivity, or blind optimism. It’s about doing things that make first feel safe and then bring you happiness.

Once you establish that routine, your vibration will become higher. Doing some or all the things on this list will help aid in your journey whether your goals are more short term or long term.

I’m a Brown student pursing a BA in literary arts and on my way to an MFA in creative writing. I write and read about love, identity, and womanhood.

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